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Meeting someone is just the beginning of the whole process. How not to lose your chance at happiness while juggling your relationship and every other thing going on in your life is the real test. The following are 15 likely tips to help manage your relationships:

1. Do not ever start what you do not plan on finishing. It’s a no no to encourage someone you do not plan on building solid ties with.

2. We are all flawed...yes perfectly flawed so don't expect perfection from anyone thereby getting your hopes up for nothing.

3. Assumptions are killers of a great relationship. You need to express yourself more and engage your partner in a conversation when you are not clear about their actions. Communication is key

4. Not everyone keep dates of important occasion. Do not get pissed when an important occasion is overlooked by your partner. You can help jog memory by sending an early reminder.

5. You both have a right to your privacy does not mean you should keep secrets that could be damning.

6. Do not go into a relationship thinking you can change a particular thing about that person. It’s ok to influence some positivity. Remember it's a relationship not a character rehabilitation.

7. Relationship should be a give and give process. You both should give a 100% of yourselves not one giving while the other keeps taking.

8. Respect each other's view. Compromise is key. It’s okay to disagree to agree.

9. Never disrespect your partner in private or public. Everyone deserves their respect and regardless of your closeness to other people never make mockery of their feelings to those people.

10. Not everyone is adventurous but you can create fun activities together just the two of you.

11. Surprise your partner with something nice once in a while. It goes a long way in building a great relationship.

12. That you are in a relationship does not mean you should not set aside time for other people in your life. Try to strike a balance.

13. Never let the dawn break on hard feelings that's a serious deal breaker.

14. Do not hold the past against your partner. We all make mistakes and remember the future is pregnant with mystery gifts. Enjoy each second as it comes.

15. Lastly for now, set aside a me time. Yes. You deserve a down time for yourself to just unwind so does your partner. Do something for just yourself. Love yourself so your heart will be filled with enough love to impact.

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Leticia Alex
True love cannot be found where it does not exist, nor can it be denied where it does.
Leticia Alex Feb 11 '18
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