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       There was once a blind man who had so fine a sense of touch that, when any animal was put into his hands, he could tell what it was merely by the feel of it. One day the cub of a wolf was put into his hands, and he was asked what it was. He felt i

Rodidust Supplier

Every construction project starts with imagination for the looks and amenities but when it’s time to finally begin the project, the reality brings us to a more valuable question about the stability and strength of the construction. So, here selection of material plays an important role. Rathi Steel Supplier has the highest strength-to-weight ratio among building materials, including concrete. Steel is eight times stronger than concrete in tension and shear; is resilient unlike concrete; and has better resistance to tensile, compressive, and flexural stress.

As we all know steel is one of the worth mentioning materials for all kinds of construction. From the base to the heights, it is the only deciding factor for the stability and shape of the structure. Hence, selecting the right steel product is also a challenge. But nowadays, Rathi steel is becoming the most preferred option for residential and commercial among builders. Because of its quality product, availability, and wide array of options.

Rathi TMT Bars Supplier in Noida

Due to its popularity, some construction material suppliers are cheating clients by providing duplicate Rathi steel products. So, here you need expert assistance and an authentic Rathi Steel Supplier in Noida, like RodiDust, the best construction company in Noida and Delhi.

  • ideal for building earthquake-prone areas.
  • Can effectively stand against raw seismic activities
  • Offers an excellent balance between lengthening and hardness.
  • possess opulent yield strength, ductility, and tensile strength.
  • High-temperature subsequent shaping, rolling and binding bring it effective for all types of construction.
  • can be used in humid regions for the construction project due to their anti-corrosion and rust-resistance properties
  • Available in all grades and reasonable.
Why go for RodiDust

At any scale, building projects need wise and prudent decisions because it is a concern of no turning away. The imprudent decision can hurt us in many ways –a waste of time, effort, and capital at the least. And customer fulfillment, quality assistance, and value for money.

At RodiDust we offer the most original and high-quality Rathi steel material. We are a team of skilled engineers and well-trained workers. RodiDust is serving as the most preferred and prominent building material supplier in Noida. The service we offer is based on modern, cost-effective, state-of-the-art technologies. So, contact us for the best and most authentic Rathi steel Supplier in Noida.


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Babana Oct 3
Becky Earley

WARNING! For mature audiences only

Who doesn’t want to experience a deep, mind-blowing orgasm!? I do, and I bet you do too! The tricky part is figuring out new ways to get there and keep you there, yeah? Well, here at Marriage365, we want to be the Oprah of orgasmic ideas (You get an orgasm! You get an orgasm! YOU get an orgasm! Everyone gets an orgasm!) 

Here are 5 sex positions to try together to try to achieve that deeper O!

The Pretzel

The female partner lays on her right side while the male partner straddles the woman’s right leg and wraps her left leg around his left side. This position allows the male partner to control how deep he goes while still making eye contact possible. It also allows for a lot of clitoral stimulation as fast or as slow as desired. O yes!

The Stick Shift

Have the male partner lay on his back with his legs closed and the female partner straddles him with her back toward his face. This position allows for the woman to control the depth of penetration and gives her every benefit of that good ol’ stick shift in control feeling. She can squat and move up, down, left, right, forward, or backward as she pleases. He can grab and play with her breasts from behind or rub her body while she rides deep. OoOOoO.

The Big Spoon / Little Spoon

The female is the little spoon and the male is the big spoon. Both partners lay spooning with legs slightly bent so that he can enter her from behind while using his hands to stimulate her clitoris or play with her breasts and body. This position can offer an incredible sensation with deep penetration like you’d never believe until you try it! O, YEAH

The “Hold Me Close”

Partner A sits up cross-legged while Partner B sits facing/on them and wraps their legs around partner A’s back. Hold each other and rock back and forth for that sweet deep orgasm you’re both anticipating! This allows for a lot of eye contact and passionate kissing, and since your legs are doing all the work, your hands are free to play! O..OO!

The Pinball Master

You know you’re good at pinball when you push the right buttons at the right time and that’s what this position allows for! The female leans back into a partial bridge position with the majority of the weight on her shoulders and her pelvis thrust upward while the male enters her while on his knees. Ladies, you can always prop your hips with a couple of firm pillows if needed. He holds her waist for support and can penetrate deeply until you hear O-hh BABY.  


Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee an orgasm every time, but we can guarantee you’ll have fun together and connect on a more intimate level if you keep practicing.   


Marriage365 wants couples to connect in a ‘deeper’ way (pun intended), but connection in marriage isn’t only about sex. It’s about communication, emotional intimacy, forgiveness, boundaries, and much more. Marriage365 Membership is the most affordable, practical and effective marriage resource to help couples grow in all of these ways. Learn more about our Membership here. 

Written by Anna Collins

The post 5 Sex Positions for Her appeared first on Marriage365®.

Source: https://marriage365.com/blog/5-sex-positions-for-her/

Valerie L

Dear Captain Awkward,

I was estranged from my father, who emotionally abused me as a child, for nearly a decade. I was told he was dying of a terminal illness last year and his last wish was to talk to me. I figured, hey he’s a dying man and I’ve processed this in therapy. I can give him some closure. 

He ended up receiving a life-saving operation and has been given several more years. His recovery from the operation is grueling but he is stable and out of the hospital.

My problem is that I only came back into his life to say goodbye. I don’t want a relationship with him. I don’t want anything to do with him. I am occasionally re-traumatized by his behavior and even if I weren’t, I don’t like him. He’s still recovering and has a long road ahead. He needs support. I don’t want to even text him, let alone keep him company. 

I’m at a complete loss. It seems needlessly cruel to tell him the truth (“I only reached out because I thought you were dying so hmu when you’re at that point again”), but I don’t see an alternative. Ghosting just makes him pester my mom, sister, and husband. Low contact, even very low contact, is low-key triggering. I’m dealing with too much other shit to come up with a good script. Can you help?”


If you feel like you must say something to your dad before doing whatever you were doing before to gain peace and distance from him, maybe try this:

“Dad, I am so relieved that your recent health scare wasn’t the end, and I appreciated the chance to give you and Mom some peace of mind during a difficult time. But that doesn’t mean our relationship has fundamentally changed. I wish you well, but I plan to go on keeping my distance now that we’ve had a chance to say our goodbyes.”

This doesn’t have to be a conversation or negotiation where he gets to have his say. You’re not asking permission, you are communicating a decision that you’ve made, so if it helps, put it in a greeting card and drop it in the mail. Done.

If (when) he tries other tactics, you can adapt that same script to set boundaries with your mom, sister, and husband: “I was grateful that I could grant Dad/you some peace of mind in a terrible moment, but that doesn’t mean anything has changed about the reasons we are no longer in touch. I wish him well, but for my own well-being, I plan to go on keeping my distance now that I’ve said my goodbyes.”

With these other family members, you might add something like “I realize that Dad is putting you in an uncomfortable spot, and I’m sorry about that, but I’m not going to change my mind. There is nothing you can do to fix what’s broken between us, and I am asking you directly to stop passing on messages and pressuring me to be in touch with him. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve said our goodbyes.”

These scripts are for you, to help you say what you need to say so that you can close the book for yourself. They aren’t about convincing anybody of the rightness of your decision or persuading anybody out of their hurt. There is no version of this or any script that your dad wants to hear or will accept, and he will likely take it out on anybody else in your family who will still take his calls. So once you deliver them, you’ll need to adopt or adapt all the boundary-maintenance measures that you already know how to do: Not responding to communications from or about your dad, changing the subject whenever he comes up, and cutting conversations short when you need to for your own peace of mind.

If your mom and sister are acting as his caregivers, consider that there are lots of ways to show up in their lives and be supportive of them without having to engage with your dad or spend every moment rehashing the latest details of his condition. Depending on your capacity, that could mean material support with meals, housekeeping, babysitting any niblings to give your sister a break, making sure mom and sister are taking good care of their own health, or arranging treats and distractions now and again. It could also mean words of encouragement, such as “I’m glad Dad has you in his corner, and you’re doing such a good job” as you change the subject to literally anything but That Fucking Guy. The same will be true when he eventually dies, since nobody has to feel any certain way about the un-dearly departed in order to keep hot coffee and casseroles flowing to the grieved and bereaved.

Estrangement is painful and lonely. There is always the “But what if the person DIES?” pressure from people who haven’t lived through what you’ve lived through, and people who don’t realize that nobody cuts off contact with a close family member as a passing whim, without exhausting every possibility for repairing the relationship. So whenever I hear of someone cutting ties permanently, I ask myself how bad would things have to get for me to never want to speak to someone again, and I generally try to assume that whatever happened to them was at least that bad. Letter Writer, now that you’ve lived through the “But what if he DIES?” scenario, and the answer is “He’s still exactly the same crappy person who caused me no end of grief.” If the pain of not having a dad anymore is still less than the pain of having to keep dealing with that specific, nightmare dad, then I believe you, and encourage you to keep doing what you need to do to protect yourself from abuse. You did a very kind, generous thing when you didn’t have to, and I hope you are giving yourself a lot of love and credit for that.

I’m wishing you peace and comfort in the days ahead.

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